We all must start somewhere!


Behold the wonder that is the humble climbing shoe.

These bad boys give even mortals the ability to stick to rock. Let me just say the first time I wore a pair of these bad boys, I myself thought that I must have got hit by some radioactive waste. As I was all about channelling my inner Spiderman.

My first outing was boulder in the Wicklow mountains. A place called Glendalough. I had just met this guy I liked and he thought bringing me climbing would be a good way to show off.

Well hey it worked. I was hooked! I was taken to some slab and told to climb. A Slab is a bit of rock that is slanted in. I looked at the guy as if he had two head and watch as he demonstrated. He kept all his weight in his feet and worked them up in a process called smearing. Next I was up… I applied the same technique. All be it not as gracefully and was shocked and amazed to find my rubber soles on the climbing shoes I was wearing stuck to the rock and gave me some sort of magic Spiderman skills.


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