Discovering Ireland through climbing

The Biggest joy I find with climbing is taking outdoor climbing trips. I have always loved to travel but until I took up climbing I had never gotten around to traveling in my home country.

With climbing I don’t just get a view of what everyone else sees. No, I get a view of what its like to see the scenery from a great height, to take it all in, in one glance and marvel at its beauty. To me that is part of what it means to climb.

Below are some photos of places I have travelled to in order to climb. There is also the tricked out van. Let me just say … I am no gold-digger but I love a good tricked out van! Next is the view from the top of Dalkey quarry and the Dublin sea scape. Then there is some photos of the ring of Kerry, Donegal,. my attempt at top roping and me topping off a bouldering problem. You say topping off for bouldering too? I’m still learning the lingo! @MN329SocMedia


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