Battling the Crux

So it has been a good few months since I last posted on here. I was going to publish a post about overcoming mental health issues and climbing, as I had yet to overcome such issues and the fear of the associated stigma and the repercussions of not being the ‘perfect person’ I decided to abstain.

What I had intended to write about was how I associated climbing with mindfulness. That when you’re climbing your total focus goes on where you are at, at the present moment and how to accomplish your next move for upwards progression. I approach a climb with the same mental attitude as I do life. You see some people mapping out their journey, looking out for the pitfalls, figuring out the crux and how best to achieve their top off…

Not me, I look at my starting point hop on and look for my next move. I relish the challenge of not knowing where I am going or what challenges I may face. Do I make life more difficult for myself… more than likely! Do I also muddle up of course and I even sometimes slip and fall in both my life and in climbing usually I found when climbing my belayer had left out enough slack for me to ease the impact of the fall, life, on the other hand, is not so kind, I feel like I’ve taken a good few smacks but when I get that whole sequence and the journey just flows for me and it’s natural I feel at peace. The objective for me is not to get to the top from the bottom but in overcoming the tricky moves that take you off guard and throw you off-balance because in my opinion in both climbing and life that is the real technique.


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