The names Nanina. I am a climbing and outdoors enthusiast. Not very good as I am just learning… So I’ll highlight the enthusiast part.

I love to get outdoors in my free time and I find climbing is a great outlet to indulge my dreams of escaping into the wilderness and going on an adventure.

My blog is all about my little adventures and attempts to leave the mundane world of couch potatoing behind me and connect with nature and the beauty of the outdoors.


One thought on “About

  1. Hi Nanina! I love your blog and your evident passion for climbing. I always love to make new climbing blogger connections, so I’m glad we’ve found each other! I’ve added your blog to my list of climbing resources, since I feel like it’s an inspiring montage of images and text for new climbers. Your pictures of the Spanish landscapes make me want to visit Spain even more…I’ll be taking Spanish language classes next year.

    Link to Climbing Resources Page: https://hermitcrablifeblog.wordpress.com/recommended-climbing-resources/

    Cheers & keep crushing!


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